Monday, March 5, 2012

spring look book

i've been drooling over madewell's spring line, so i thought i'd share some of my favorite looks here. i've pinned more here if you care to take a gander.

blogs i lov3

i've found that if i'm ever in need of inspiration (for projects or just to get through a long work day), these blogs will do the trick. check them out and love them as much as i do.

i absolutely adore bri emery's sense of style. check out designlovefest if you're needing ideas for a crafty new DIY project, a summer party outfit or you want to sign up for one of her blogshop classes in a city near you. super inspiring.   

 poppytalk serves the dual purpose of being both a blog and an online marketplace for select makers to sell their wares (think etsy or bigcartel). read/watch tutorials on how to make your own stamps, bind your own books, and so much more.


joy cho, the eclectic mastermind behind oh joy!, brings the best of print design, home decor, fashion and tasty treats straight to your RSS feed. i've bookmarked a million and one new restaurants to check out in LA per her recommendation :)


per my new year's resolution to learn web design, i just wrapped up a web design class through parsons and will be starting a wordpress design class in a couple weeks. my goal is to work on some more prints/stationery this summer and have my online portfolio/shop up and running by august, so stay tuned for more updates. (check!)

i also took a super fun terrarium-building class at sprout home in williamsburg last month.  i loved it so much, that i decided to sign up for another class in a couple weeks with my friend amanda. if i had it my way, my apartment would be covered in these little guys...

(aaaand check!)

birthday birthday birthday

i turned the big 2-6 last month and celebrated with some real gems, including my dear friends daniel and arman (of waffle & wolf fame) who baked me a very special waffle cake with chocolate ganache (yum!).

there's nothing i love more than delicious food (calexico) and drink (night of joy) in the company of loved ones. AND being serenaded by my officemates?! the best. thanks for a lovely day, friends.

better late than never?

let's pretend we live in a world where katie isn't a total slacker. in said world, these photos from new year's eve in athens would have been shared 2+ months ago. so now's the fun part where we get to travel back in time...

{cali (once like a spark), robert and me}

{asher, me and katharine}

Thursday, January 5, 2012

hello, 2012!

 {photo via bri emery of designlovefest}

psych! resolutions can be totally attainable. in fact, i'm bound and determined to do the following in 2012:

- get to the gym 3x/week
- take pilates/yoga 3-4x/month
- read 1 book/month
- date more
- bike more (buy bike)
- design a line of stationery
- re-design blog/blog more
- learn web design
- sell at least $100-worth of my handmade goods on etsy
- give to a different charity every month 
(charity suggestions via

out with the old...

 {via jeff rogers}

i returned to nyc earlier this week after a 10-day trip down south (south carolina for christmas and georgia for new year's) feeling renewed and ready to take on whatever 2012 brings my way. don't get me wrong, many wonderful things happened in 2011, but last year also had some low (maybe even super low) points.  to re-cap, here are my "highs, lows and uh-ohs" for yesteryear in no particular order:

1) birth of my nephew jack
2) traveling cross-country/the world for work
3) a budding romance
4) an assortment of nyc visitors (jason/tj, ethan/john, sara and jean)
5) delightful musical endeavors (the dodos, beirut and dent may)
6) loved ones united in matrimony (cathryn/palmer, catherine/chad)

1) my sweet friends katherine and victoria moved out of nyc
2) heartbreak twice over
3) moving from greenpoint (my beloved brooklyn hood) to a different neighborhood that shall remain nameless, and...
4) dealing with less than stellar/shady brokers 
5) getting into a scuffle with management over no heat last winter

1) identity theft
2) uninvited guests showing up at our door at the wee hours of the morning
3) my sorta new suitcase losing a wheel mid travel season

so clearly the ups trumped the downs last year (phew!), which is always a plus. stay tuned for my list of resolutions for the new year...